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IVYBEARS Hair and Skin Vitamins

IVYBEARS® – the new generation of beauty vitamins!

Fruity gummy bears that can make your hair shiny or your skin even more radiant? They really do exist! The sweet, yummy bears from IVYBEARS® are packed with vitamins and nutrients. When taken regularly, the IVYBEARS® vitamin bears help make your hair more voluminous and your complexion more radiant. What’s more, the highly concentrated vitamin complexes are now also vegan*, gluten-free, free of artificial colors and flavors, free of titanium dioxide – and 100% made in Germany.

Real beauty comes from within – simply snack yourself beautiful with IVYBEARS®!

IVYBEARS® are the new generation of beauty vitamins. These gummy bears with their fruity flavors make taking vitamins fun and delicious. Simply snack yourself BEAUTIFUL!

IVYBEARS® beauty vitamins are fruity gummy bears are packed full of highly-concentrated vitamin complexes. These innovative vitamin bears naturally enhance your beauty and sense of well-being from within – and also happen to be amazingly yummy.

IVYBEARS® were designed to support a healthy, vitamin-rich diet in the midst of the stress of everyday life – and simply make you even more beautiful. And the best part: taking them is so easy, so simply delicious – and who doesn’t prefer gummy bears to tablets? Two fruity bears a day help balance out vitamin deficiencies and, depending on what kind you choose, help ensure beautiful hair, radiant skin or enhanced well-being – promoting beauty from within.

The vitamin bears now feature a new formula, having been developed in Germany in cooperation with beauty and health experts. The updated packaging design and logo now feature watercolors and a transparent bottle for a modern, attractive look. In addition, there are now other varieties that have been developed to promote radiant skin, improved sleep or increased well-being.

New beauty boosters for different needs – enhancing skin, hair and well-being!

Now IVYBEARS® not only help ensure beautiful hair for women and men, but also provide radiant, lovely skin with IVYBEARS® Vibrant Skin, fortify the immune system with essential vitamins with IVYBEARS® Women’s Multi, promote a natural sleep balance with IVYBEARS® Restful Sleep, and supply strength for the day with IVYBEARS® Energy Boost.

Beautiful: the seven different beauty vitamin varieties are coordinated with each other and can thus be taken in combination. And your daily beauty program becomes simply “beary” delicious!

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