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New Botanical Henna from Artego

In history they either call them “occurrences and recurrences” or “ebb and flows”, the underlying concept is the same: things come back, periodically. This is one of the reasons why we drew inspiration from a very ancient past to design and feature a new incredible natural botanical line; another reason for it is our pronounced sensitivity towards market’s demands, where there’s an increasingly growing request for safe natural products, coming from faraway traditions yet expressing the extraordinary power of phyto-technological active principles.

As two thousand years ago ancient civilizations extracted and pulverized coloring herbs from the plants, for hair and skin care, today Artègo presents a totally natural line of products originated from the ayurvedic tradition to offer a totally green coloring line to professional hairdressers:Rain Dance Botanical Henna.

An innovative line that draws inspiration from ancient beauty rituals for body and hair decoration, a line that broadens and enriches Rain Dance proposal with a selection of the best coloring herbs coming from India, for a 100% vegetable product for hair care and beauty. Valuable and exclusive blends ready to be used, created with herbs and fruit coming to replump the hair, respecting its integrity while coloring, maximizing the natural beauty result customers yearn for. Results are visible from the first application, and the application ritual takes the color journey to a whole new level: botanical aromas spread all over the Rain Dance area, massage, warm compress during developing time...sobbing a hot infusion.

To satisfy customers’ needs through hairdressers’ skills and experience, since our motto is ‘Care for Beauty’, and with Botanical Henna we kept our promise, allowing professional hairdressers to color and nourish, purify and strengthen the hair, taking care of the client.

Botanical Henna line is constituted by 12 shades: 3 pure coloring herbs (Lawsonia, Indigo, Cassia) plus 1 pure Amla fruit, plus 8 pre-mixed blends coming from the ayurvedic tradition, ready to be used. There are countless perks to using a 100% vegan product, without chemical agents, picramate, oxydants, and totally biodegradable, that can give color and health to the hair and the scalp at the same time. At Artègo we are constantly oriented towards a concept of beauty that doesn’t overlook well-being, and we are confident Botanical Henna will give to the most virtuous hairdressers the chance to satisfy their customers needs, of luring new ones to their salons and be ready to answer a constantly changing market’s demands.

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