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ARTEGO - New from Italy

It's with great pleasure that we announce the beginning of our cooperation with ARTEGO.

This is what we call a "boutique" brand. 100% Italian. Unicompany is the manufacturer of this beautiful and complete line of professional haircare products, made in Rome, with all the passion, the style and the class that are typical Italian!

Very new in Asia. Just arrived in Australia but still to be discovered in all the other Countries.

Despite its elegance and the quality of its products it is very affordable thanks to the fact that the company it's the manufacturer of the brand and also because of its hair tint tubes that come in the unique size of 150ml!!

There is nothing missing in this brand; it's complete of anything the hairdresser might need and more! Some of the products are absolutely new in the industry and really innovative.

The support to the distributors and to the clients is absolutely what you would expect when you go to a 5 stars hotel. The best quality, the best attention to details, the best service and support. All completed by 2 cut and colour collections every year and one conference, in October, full of events and new inspirations for the hairdressers.

Beside "It's Color", in the big size tube, representing the core of the business, Artego just launched 2 new families of products: "Rain Dance",

the answer to the market's request of products always more natural and the attention to the environment, and "Touch", a very modern and trendy line of styling products with an incredible and outstanding packaging.

This brand is now available for all Asia. If you need more information and you are interested in Artego for your own Country please contact World Beauty Network at

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