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SCREEN - Professional Hair Care

Screen is an exclusive brand for hairdressing salons, dedicated to highly qualified professionals and it is very proud to propose itself as rigorously Made in Italy.

Screen is manufactured by Nuova Fapam which is a dynamic company, whose core business is represented by products and services for hairdressing salons. The company has been improving its activities for 53 years, and today is leader in the market and also present in more then 50 countries all over the world.

Screen is a complex system which involves not only a full range of products, but it is also a brand with an organic marketing system, a complete training organization and the main aim is the growth of the brand all around the world with the same philosophy and market positioning. Nuova Fapam is also the creator of Tagliati X ilsuccesso ("cut for success") which in Italy has around 1.200 hairdressers salons affiliated in a Club formula, 200 in Spain and a few dozens in South Korea and expanding.

The strengths of this brand, beside the highest level of quality of its products, developed with the latest technologies, are: - Brand marketing - aggressive, dynamic and unique. The level and the quality of the materials offered to support the salons and to merchandise the products and the services has no equals in the market.

- Technical and Educational support (in Italy and abroad) - with an Academy in Pescara that is one of the most representative in Europe in terms of professionalism and dimensions (more than 2000 seats). In this training center an artistic team of 50 hairstylists work on a permanent basis as well as in Milano and all over the world.

This amazing complete and really professional brand is available for Australia and New Zealand. Contact us for information at

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